Reunite in Christ

Dear St. Ann Parish Family,

We have a wonderful parish community! And it is largely due to the welcoming and generous spirit of so many people who are committed to our parish and support us by volunteering their time and talent, their financial contributions, and their prayers. I want to thank all of you who do so much to enable the many ministries, programs, and services that are offered by our parish.

I am committed to transparency and accountability for the financial resources you so generously donate to our parish. I am very grateful to so many people who contribute to the good operation of our parish. You will find a snapshot of our financial information included in this brochure.

We have accomplished many good things over the past year. We have baptized 42 babies, celebrated 6 weddings, given first communion to 24 children and confirmed 28 people in their Catholic faith. Unfortunately, we have also buried 6 members of our parish. We have welcomed 6 new families to St. Ann’s. A number of our parishioners go to daybreak regularly to prepare and serve food to people in need. Members of our Youth Ministry (teens) have gone to Feed My Starving Children to help people throughout the world who struggle to have enough food to eat. The people of our parish have worked diligently to build an excellent Religious Education Program that allows our children to grow in their knowledge of their faith, in their relationship with our Lord Jesus and in their closeness to God our Father.

As you can see, we are an extremely vibrant parish responding to the call of discipleship, the call to faith, the call to love, and the call to witness to the love of our Lord Jesus in the world. We could not accomplish everything that we have done without your financial support and your willingness to volunteer your time and talent for the good of our parish.

Yet, there is so much more that we can accomplish with your support! Your prayerful support, your financial gifts and your readiness to share your time and your talent will allow us to continue to meet the needs of our people.

The weekend of October 1st and 2nd is Commitment Sunday. Please review the contents of this special brochure and consider, as your means allow, an increase in your Sunday offering. I am truly grateful for your past generosity and support! Thank you in advance for your continued kindness and for all the sacrifices you make for the good of our parish and our families.

May God, by His grace, pour forth His richest blessings upon you and your family! With every best wish and prayer,

Fr. John


Let us pray, for the success of all our upcoming programs, especially our “Reunite in Christ" Program, that we may all do what we can in this difficult time to be generous with all our gifts and respond in faith to sustain and grow our parish community.  We pray to the Lord.



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