Adult Formation



Adults are invited to participate in a variety of formation experience from Sacramental Prep for their children to Bible Study sessions.

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Upcoming Activities:

  • TUESDAY 10 AM - NOON: Adult Bible Study. Open to all who would like to enrich their faith.  No preparation necessary.  Meet in the Fireside Room.
  • THURSDAY 7 PM - 9 PM: Adult Bible Study.  Open to all who would like to enrich their faith.  No preparation necessary.  Meet in the Fireside Room.
  • SATURDAY 7 AM - 8:30 AM: Fisher of Men.  Open to all men who would like to enrich their faith.  No preparation necessary.  User friendly Study of next week's Gospel.  Meet in the Fireside Room.
  • SUNDAY 6:30 PM: Teen Bible Study.  A study of The Bible Timeline.  No preparation necessary.  Meet in the Fireside Room

Small faith communities are extremely important for ongoing faith support and development. We are called to gather as a group because God created us to live in community and because Jesus modeled community as the way to God.  Those who journey alone, often get lost.

Remember, God is community; God is family – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  When we gather to pray and support each other, we imitate both the example of Christ and the Trinity, itself!

Small communities are powerful vehicles for adult faith formation, providing opportunities for learning, prayer, mutual support, and the shared experience of Christian living and service to Church and society. Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us (USCCB, 1999)

Evangelize All Ministries promotes a simple format for gathering people together to support each other in their faith walk.  These are called Faith & Fellowship Meetings.  Faith & Fellowship Meetings can be implemented by anyone, anywhere.  Faith & Fellowship Meetings can be implemented by a diocese, parish or organization, or by any group of people (of any size) who want to grow closer to God.

The goal of Faith & Fellowship Meetings is simple: to foster a greater love for God, self and neighbor.  A typical one hour meeting includes prayer, scripture and dialogue.  The meeting is followed by a short social time for those able to stay.

Faith and Fellowship Meeting are “open.”  Anyone is welcome at any of these meetings.  There is no commitment, other than a desire to come and participate.  They can take place either at an organization’s facility or in a facilitator’s home.  Above all, these meetings are simple and welcoming!

Small church communities offer an important and unique means of formation for the new evangelization. They strengthen their members to persevere in their faith and mission, providing both inspiration and practical support.  Called and Gifted for the Third Millennium (USCCB, 1995)

Why It Works

Faith & Fellowship Meetings provide the opportunity for participants to make friends and support each other in their faith journey.

Faith & Fellowship Meetings are simple, non-threatening, one hour meetings.

Faith & Fellowship Meetings promote the living Word and build community through prayer, edification and fellowship.

Faith & Fellowship Meetings are “open” and do not require a long term, formal commitment.

Faith & Fellowship Meetings are easily implemented and can be tailored to the needs of any parish or organization.

Let's Start a Second Group!

The Tuesday evening group is flourishing but there is room to start a second group on a different day or time.  Give the office a call and let us know when you are available.  815-467-6962 ext.5.


  • Adult Scripture Study:


    # of Sessions
      Group already started. Call if interested in starting the next session.  10


  • Diocese of Joliet Biblical Institute: The Biblical Institute of the Diocese of Joliet is a 4-year program to study every book of the Bible. We use one of the best Catholic Bible studies ever developed for learning Scripture in a systematic way, the Catholic Biblical School program.  Go to this Link for more information.