Protecting God's Children


In April, the Office of Child and Youth Protection announced a temporary transition to on-line training for Protecting God’s Children.  After careful review we have decided to extend this option through October 31, 2020 due to COVID-19.

Instructions for access to the online training are as follows:

For those who do not have a Virtus account: Go to www.virtusonline.org  Click on FIRST TIME REGISTRANT > follow the on screen instructions.  Attached are detailed instructions for those who need them.  After completing the registration process return to your Virtus account home page > open the TOOLBOX tab > on the left side of screen click TRAINING > click  to begin the training session.  This training must be completed in one sitting.  Failure to complete the training will require you to start over from the beginning.




Out of concern for the safety and well-being of children, every diocesan, parish, school or religious education employee or volunteer who is involved with minors on a regular, recurring basis and those who may have an opportunity to be alone with children during parish, school or religious education sponsored events, are required to attend a Virtus Protecting God’s Children program.

Of all the safe environment programs available, Protecting God's Children was selected for the Joliet Diocese. It was determined to be the best possible program primarily because it is comprehensive, professional and appealing.

Here at St. Ann we require the following volunteers to abide by the Diocese of Joliet Policy:

  • Every adult who volunteers in the Religious Education Program in any capacity.  This includes catechists, aids, childcare volunteers, monitors,and  parents who spend time in the classroom or childcare room.
  • Every adult who volunteers who drive or chaperone minors.  This includes but is not limited to, Faith in Action activities, all youth ministry events and trips, etc.
  • All adult volunteers who serve the St. Ann Football Team, including coaches, team parents, concession stand workers, chain teams, etc.
  • All parish ushers who serve at any Mass or event.
  • All parish choir members.,
  • All Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion who distribute the Eucharist to the home bound.
  • Other possibilities occur within the parish where minors and vulnerable adults are served or are used as volunteers.  In these instances, there MUST be at a minimum of 2 fully trained adults serving as monitors. After the 2 adults, there MUST be one more trained adult for every 10 youth or vulnerable adults.

It is highly recommend by the pastor, that ALL adults who volunteer in the parish be fully trained.  This includes but is not limited to:  council volunteers, commission volunteers, all liturgical ministry volunteers, RE volunteers, and parish service/social groups; St. Vincent de Paul, Knights of Columbus, Council of Catholic Women and Men's Club.

The purpose of this training is to bring awareness to all volunteers in order to protect all children.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT TOM URASKI AT (815) 467-6962 ext. 5 or at tom@stannchannahon.org

Click here to find a Diocese of Joliet "Virtus Protecting God's Children" workshop.