Patron Saint Reflection Paper Year II (8th Grade Students)

Before you are confirmed you should choose a patron saint.  Pt #3 of the Confirmation guidelines issued by Bishops Conlon and Siegel state: "Candidates whose given/baptism name is not Christian (canonized saint) should choose a Confirmation name form the names of canonized saints.  Other candidates may choose a Confirmation name.  Whether they keep their baptism name or choose a confirmation name, the candidates should have a good knowledge of their patron saint (even if they have chosen the name to honor a relative or friend0."  Therefore, a patron saint reflection is necessary.

To begin your reflection:
*Choose your patron saint
*Research the life of your saint at the library, books on saints, or online at: or or
*For additional resources, check with the Director of Religious Education, Mr. Tom Uraski.
*Fill out the following to guide you in your reflection.

Click here for a paper print out form, which needs to be submitted to the office with your registration

You only need to fill out ONE form, either on-line OR hard copy.


Describe your saint's status, rich or poor, at the beginning and the end of his/her life.

COMPOSE A PRAYER TO YOUR SAINT by asking for intercession (praying on your behalf) by filling in the following blanks:


*Fear of the Lord

I ask you to present me to God during this time of preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Ask Him/Her to give me the gift of

that I admire in your life.

Stand by me always as I witness to others the faith you model for me.




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