Welcome Message from Fr. Peter

Welcome Message from your Pastor

Dear Parish Family,

As a new member of St. Ann parish family, the pastoral staff and I want to thank you for registering in our Catholic community of faith. I hope you have found our parish to be one that is welcoming and life-giving, offering you the spiritual nourishment you need as a member of the Body of Christ to be Christ for others in your home, your workplace, the community.

While the Church throughout the world it is important to many, it may be a source of alienation or hostility for some; and others simply do not see the institutional Church as having any value in their lives.  Thank you for your faith and hope in our Church, and your commitment to our parish.  Please know that I, and the members of our parish staff, desire to help you grow in faith, connect you to other parishioners, and aid you in making a contribution to the world around you. We ask that you do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything, we can do for you, a valued member of our parish family. I hope that the next time we see each other, you can tell me what called you or why did you choose to be part of St. Ann Catholic Parish. Our staff knows that the parishioners strive to be welcoming, to say hello or stop and have a short conversation in the narthex after Mass. It is our role also as new parishioners to reach out and introduce yourself. That is not always easy. I am shy myself, but it is so nice to be surrounded by so many parishioners, doing the same thing celebrating the faith. It is a joy to be a Priest!

The parish organizations, commissions, small faith communities look forward to meeting you, in the months ahead. The community has a lot to offer and we hope you commit to a social, prayer or formational event soon, when you are comfortable. We hope you feel at home with us!

I look forward to praying with you at Mass and socializing with you at our numerous parish functions and sitting down with you one on one, to share our story of how we got to where we are at, this time in our lives. The parish family is so thankful that the Lord has called you to St. Ann, a place you can call home. God bless you, keep you and hold you, in the palm of His hand. Welcome!


Fr. Peter P. Jarosz, Pastor

[email protected]


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