Super Bowl Pool

Greetings St. Ann Parish,

We are building on our earlier idea to help keep the RE program running smoothly during this unprecedented time. The children of St. Ann have been able to continue their religious education amid many obstacles this year and your generosity has made that possible. Due to our continued inability to raise funds for the program in our traditional way, we are having to get creative. While we are hoping to still be able to have some in-person fun together as a parish by the end of the coming summer, we can still have fun virtually! Besides our football square pool, look for some exciting fun parish events that will be headed your way in the spring.

In the meantime, we will be selling squares again for $100.00 dollars for this year’s Superbowl. There will be four winners, one for each quarter of the game. The payout for quarters one, two, and three will be $1000.00 dollars and the fourth quarter will be $3000.00 dollars. The regular season board went so quickly, that we will open a second board once the first board sells out.

If you would like to join in on the fun, please use the link below, contact the church office or Tom Uraski, RE director. If you chose to use the link, you will receive two emails. One of the emails is your payment confirmation and the other email will include both the link to the online squares and the user password to access it. If you would feel more comfortable with paying in person, cash or checks can be dropped off at the church office where someone will help you pick out your football square.

As always, if for some reason the boards do not fill-up, we would have to slightly adjust the prize payouts to make that adjustment. We do not anticipate this happening, but we did want to include that disclaimer.

Superbowl Squares Purchase Link