RE Football Pool









November 29, 2020 Bears vs Packers











We were able to sell all 100 squares to kick off our virtual fundraiser using the second half of the Bears season!!!

It is good for the last eight games of the season beginning with the Bears – Titans game on November 8th.

The prize each week is $500 to whoever has the winning numbers for the final score of that week’s Bears games.

Every week, we will be publicly drawing the numbers for the sides of the boards between the 8:00 and 10:00 mass on Sundays (you can watch the drawing live on our YouTube channel). Even though your square will not change each week, the numbers that the square has will change from week to week. This gives everyone a fair opportunity to win each week by assuring that the same square will not have the most likely numbers for all eight weeks.

You can check the status of the board, by clicking on the confirmation link that was sent to your email when your purchased your square. 

Thank you for helping us in our mission to continue to provide the children of St. Ann with a quality religious education that will help them throughout their life-long journey of faith!

Game Schedule

1. Sunday,  November 08, 2020  Chicago Bears vs. Tennessee Titans
2, Monday, November 16, 2020  Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears
3. Sunday,  November 29, 2020  Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers
4. Sunday,  December 06, 2020  Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears
5. Sunday,  December 13, 2020  Houstan Texans vs. Chicago Bears
6. Sunday,  December 20, 2020  Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings
7. Sunday,  December 27, 2020  Chicago Bears vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
8. Sunday,  January 03, 2021      Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears